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Volunteer Mentors

LINKnet is a voluntary mentoring organisation that provides mentoring to people from minority ethnic people on personal, career and educational development.

On personal development, mentees are expected to be helped on literacy and numeracy, English language, raising awareness of British culture and the systems etc, on career development help is needed on CV building, application building, interviews, presentations and job search etc, and on educational development help is expected on finding education opportunities, finding avenues for financing education and helping coursework etc. You will be given training on how to conduct your mentoring. Your commitment on mentoring will be about 2 to 3 hours per week for a few months not exceeding six months.

Mentoring someone will improve your own CV, make you realise your own true potential, give you an opportunity to practice interpersonal skills, interview skills, presentation skills, job search skills and it will give you an opportunity to learn cultural diversity, work base confidentiality and boundaries.

Volunteering on LINKnet's mentoring programme will put you on top of the job market competition in your own job search.

Mentors Wanted!

LINKnet mentoring offers free of charge one to one mentoring support to minority ethnic people to access employment, further education or on personal development (Improving English and the knowledge about various aspects of life in Scotland and on other services available).

Mentor commitment is to take one day training and then to help a mentee for two to three hours per week for about three months, not exceeding six months.

Mentoring can bring you job satisfaction, improve your CV and increase your own employment prospects.

If you are keen to become a mentor of the program please email for further information.

Please click here to read more about mentoring.

Mentors wanted


Testimonial 1

Olayinka Dada:
"I came in contact with LINKnet Mentoring Ltd through a family friend. And my first day at LINKnet was really welcoming and pleasant..."

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Testimonial 2

Pepita Gomez:
"I arrived in Edinburgh in Aug 2014 with my daughter. Our English was poor. I started learning English in a class that was conducted by an association."

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Testimonial 3

Russell Dadzie:
"I was introduced to LINKnet Mentoring by a friend who had received mentoring a couple of years ago."

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Current Funders

Scottish Government

Scottish Government's Promoting Equality and Community Cohesion Fund & Scottish Government's Adult Learning and Empowering Communities Fund


The City of Edinburgh Councils One City Trust

The City of Edinburgh Councils One City Trust


The Big Lottery Community Fund

The Big Lottery Community Fund


One City Trust Edinburgh

One City Trust Edinburgh


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