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A Mentor

Any person from any community who has the knowledge and skills to help someone in the fields of employment and education, can be a mentor. A mentor’s commitment is to agree to one day's mentor training and to support their assigned mentee for 2 to 3 hours per week not exceeding 6 months. The required support and supervision is provided to mentors by LINKnet staff.

Everyone can be a mentor at LINKnet. We all have expertise in one field or another and may be able to help a minority ethnic (ME) person who does not have that expertise. The desire and commitment to help develop another persons' life is the primary requirement to become a mentor with LINKnet.

Becoming a mentor with LINKnet benefits you in multiple ways, one of which is the great personal satisfaction you gain by developing and helping to improve the quality of life of another person. Your contribution does not end with the development of one person. It has a ripple effect which results in the development many others.

Other Benefits to Mentors

  • Sharpen your current knowledge
  • Gain new knowledge
  • Exposure to different cultures and environments
  • Improve employability
  • Recognition by individuals and institutions
  • New contacts and wider networking
  • See opportunities from within, private, public and voluntary sector organisations and/or educational institutions
  • Increase self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Review and revalidate what you have achieved so far
  • Receive a good training that includes, communication, coaching and counselling skills and knowledge on equality legislation, confidentiality policy and cultural sensitivity
  • Open your eyes to your own true potential



Mentors wanted


Testimonial 1

Olayinka Dada:
"I came in contact with LINKnet Mentoring Ltd through a family friend. And my first day at LINKnet was really welcoming and pleasant..."

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Testimonial 2

Pepita Gomez:
"I arrived in Edinburgh in Aug 2014 with my daughter. Our English was poor. I started learning English in a class that was conducted by an association."

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Testimonial 3

Russell Dadzie:
"I was introduced to LINKnet Mentoring by a friend who had received mentoring a couple of years ago."

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Current Funders

Scottish Government

Scottish Government's Promoting Equality and Community Cohesion Fund & Scottish Government's Adult Learning and Empowering Communities Fund


European Social Fund

European Social Fund


The City of Edinburgh Councils One City Trust

The City of Edinburgh Councils One City Trust


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