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A Mentee

Anyone who belongs to a minority ethnic group can become a mentee and use LINKnet's services to seek jobs or to access further/higher education. Service seekers are expected to receive an induction from LINKnet and commit themselves fully to the task until they achieve their goals.

By becoming a mentee with LINKnet you will receive the following benefits:

  • Valuable support in a desired area of development free of charge
  • Enhance existing knowledge
  • Gain new knowledge
  • Widen contacts and horizons
  • Gain inside knowledge about various institutes, their policies and opportunities
  • Gain new skills
  • Improve employability
  • Speed up the process of getting jobs or education
  • Increase self-esteem and self-confidence


Mentors wanted


Testimonial 1

Olayinka Dada:
"I came in contact with LINKnet Mentoring Ltd through a family friend. And my first day at LINKnet was really welcoming and pleasant..."

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Testimonial 2

Pepita Gomez:
"I arrived in Edinburgh in Aug 2014 with my daughter. Our English was poor. I started learning English in a class that was conducted by an association."

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Testimonial 3

Russell Dadzie:
"I was introduced to LINKnet Mentoring by a friend who had received mentoring a couple of years ago."

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Current Funders

Scottish Government

Scottish Government's Promoting Equality and Community Cohesion Fund & Scottish Government's Adult Learning and Empowering Communities Fund


European Social Fund

European Social Fund


The City of Edinburgh Councils One City Trust

The City of Edinburgh Councils One City Trust