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  • Ranbandara Dissanayaka- Executive Director
  • Shamime Mansoori- Associate Director
  • Afaf Azzahari- Development Officer

Staff Profiles

D.N.M.R.Dissanayaka - Executive Director

(Dip. Math, BA Hon, MA & MBA)

Much of Dissa’s life has been spent around educational institutions studying and working. Following a Diploma in Mathematics, Dissa taught Mathematics in Government Secondary Schools in Sri Lanka for eight years. Later, after graduating with a BA (Hons) from the University of Sri Lanka, he taught English in Government secondary schools for a further four years before becoming a Lecturer of English at a University College in Sri Lanka.

Having moved to Scotland, he studied for an MA at Moray House Institute of Education. He was then appointed to the post of the Student Union Manager of Moray House Institute of Education. He worked there for seven years before entering the voluntary sector. During this period he attained an MBA from Napier University.

Dissa has been involved in the management activities of many organisations, gaining a wealth of experience in both people - oriented work and management.

These have included:

  • Skillnet Edinburgh
  • Minority Ethnic Learning Disabilities Initiative
  • James Gillespie's High School
  • Men and Health Development Group Scotland
  • The Lothian Interpreting and Translating Trust
  • Edinburgh Compact and Edinburgh Voluntary Organisations Council (EVOC)


Afaf Azzahari- Recruitment Development Officer

Afaf comes from Morocco with a Licence degree in Linguistics with 12 years of English teaching experience helping with students’ progress and management system as well as getting involved in teacher training of her classroom assistant over a year. Afaf is tri-lingual being fluent in English, French and Arabic

Afaf moved to the UK in 2018 to join her husband who recommended LINKNET mentoring to her. She joined the organisation first as a volunteer and later as the Recruitment Development Officer.

Afaf is responsible for recruiting mentees as well mentors and pairing them as part of the organisation’s mentoring programme, helping and following up the mentee’s progress in education and employment, and finally networking with the public and private sectors as well as voluntary sector organisations and engaging in other promotional activities to recruit mentees and mentors.

Mentors wanted


Testimonial 1

Olayinka Dada:
"I came in contact with LINKnet Mentoring Ltd through a family friend. And my first day at LINKnet was really welcoming and pleasant..."

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Testimonial 2

Pepita Gomez:
"I arrived in Edinburgh in Aug 2014 with my daughter. Our English was poor. I started learning English in a class that was conducted by an association."

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Testimonial 3

Russell Dadzie:
"I was introduced to LINKnet Mentoring by a friend who had received mentoring a couple of years ago."

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Current Funders

Scottish Government

Scottish Government's Promoting Equality and Community Cohesion Fund & Scottish Government's Adult Learning and Empowering Communities Fund


The City of Edinburgh Councils One City Trust

The City of Edinburgh Councils One City Trust


The Big Lottery Community Fund

The Big Lottery Community Fund


One City Trust Edinburgh

One City Trust Edinburgh


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